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Why Grain-Free?

Grain-free diets seem to be the hottest pet food trend right now. What are the benefits of feeding grain-free?

Many dogs seem to be sensitive to ingredients in traditional pet food formulas. Although true food allergies are relatively uncommon (only 10% of pets with allergies actually have food allergies), it does seem that food sensitivities are reported more frequently in veterinary practice than ever before.

A food sensitivity can occur to any ingredient in a food, but most often occurs as a reaction to proteins, grains or artificial colorings or flavorings. Nature's Domain™ Formulas eliminate the potential for reactions to grains and artificial color or flavor by eliminating these ingredients from the food. Each Nature's Domain formula is made with limited protein sources, making them great choices for sensitive dogs.

Nature's Domain™ is formulated to meet the nutritional requirements for all life stages. This means that you can start your puppy or kitten off right with Nature's Domain and continue to feed this same food as your puppy or kitten becomes an adult. This is especially beneficial when feeding multiple pets of varying ages in a household.

Remember to transition gradually from your dog or cat's current diet to Nature's Domain™ in order to prevent digestive upset that can be associated with a sudden diet change. Read more about switching to Nature's Domain™ on the FAQ page.