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Kirkland Signature™ Dry Pet Foods. Now enhanced with probiotics.

All Kirkland Signature dry pet foods are now enhanced with probiotics, developed specifically for use in our dog and cat food formulas.

What are probiotics? Probiotics are “good” bacteria that live in the digestive system of animals. These beneficial bacteria help to keep the digestion and immune systems healthy by balancing out “bad” bacteria in the GI tract.1

Species-specific. Active9™ probiotics are canine-specific probiotics developed just for Kirkland Signature dog food formulas. Active9 probiotics are derived from probiotic strains naturally found in the GI tract of canines and are proven to survive in the digestive system of dogs. Probiotics are also beneficial to cats, and are added to each Kirkland Signature cat food formula.

Guaranteed Viable. For maximum benefit, probiotics must be viable, or alive and able to multiply. Kirkland Signature adds probiotics after the cooking process, which would otherwise kill beneficial bacteria. Each cup of Kirkland Signature pet food provides live, active cultures to help support healthy digestion.

Human-grade. All Kirkland Signature dog and cat probiotics are processed under strict quality and safety standards and guaranteed to be free of harmful pathogens or other contaminants.

1. FEFANA EU Feed Additives and Premixtures Association, “Probiotics in Animal Nutrition” (Brussels: FEFANA, 2005), 14-15.